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About Sandeep Kasalkar

Sandeep Kasalkar is a seasoned journalist and a visionary leader with an unwavering commitment to the principles of a free and responsible press. With a career spanning 10+ years in the media industry, Sandeep has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of journalism, advocating for press freedom, and nurturing a community of empowered journalists.

Visionary Leadership

As the National President of CPJA, Sandeep Kasalkar brings a wealth of experience and a forward-looking vision to the organization. His leadership is characterized by:

Commitment to Excellence:
Sandeep’s commitment to journalistic excellence is at the forefront of CPJA’s mission. Under his leadership, the association is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, and integrity in journalism.

Advocacy for Press Freedom:
A passionate advocate for press freedom, Sandeep actively champions the rights of journalists and the role of an independent press in fostering democracy.

Inclusive Community Building:
Recognizing the strength in diversity, Sandeep fosters an inclusive community within CPJA. He believes in creating a space where journalists from all backgrounds come together, share ideas, and collaborate for the greater good.

Founding CPJA

Sandeep Kasalkar’s vision for CPJA emerged from a deep-seated belief in the power of journalism to shape societies and uphold democratic values. Founded in 2019, CPJA has since grown under his guidance, becoming a dynamic and influential association for journalists across the nation.

Get Involved
Under Sandeep Kasalkar’s leadership, CPJA invites journalists, media professionals, and enthusiasts to be a part of this thriving community. Explore the benefits of membership, engage in our events, and contribute to the impactful journey of CPJA.

Contact Sandeep Kasalkar
For inquiries, collaborations, or to connect with Sandeep Kasalkar, you can reach out at His leadership is anchored in accessibility and a genuine commitment to the members of CPJA.

Join us on this exciting journey led by Sandeep Kasalkar, where journalism meets passion, excellence, and a commitment to a brighter future for the press and society.

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